DHCP, Static Leases for two different interfaces

Hello Everyone

I have two LAN interfaces, lan untag and vlan id 10.

I know that I can set a DHCP server for each interface - IP address range, lease time.
Static lease works for all interfaces.

I would like to set two static hosts with the same MAC address but with different IP addresses, a different IP address for the host connecting via the LAN interface and a different IP address for the same host but connecting via the VLAN.

I've read the dnsmasq and odhcpd documentation and haven't found a solution to my craving.

Maybe some of you have an idea or a ready-made solution.

OpenWRT 22.03.2


Did doing this work (i.e. just making the 2 entries)?

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Thank you.

It works. It's very simple.

Two duplicate entries with two different IP address - it works.
Now I can set IPv4 address and IPv6 address for each LAN interface separately.

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