DHCP Start not applying

Hi, I have it so that my DHCP server on the main LAN network should start at .1 (gateway is but it keeps starting at 100, even though I do not have it set to this, is there something I have missed? The guest VLAN I have set up starts devices at .1, and the gateway is

1 + 253 = 254, try 252 perhaps ?


Ips are not issued sequentially by default, and typically a device will ask for a renewal of its existing address. You must enable sequential assignments and then ideally try another device - you should see the 1 address issues.

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I’ve enabled this, and it assigns them in order from 100 onwards apart from the one device at .18

Changed it, I’ll see if it does anything

Try this, see what is being set:

$ grep dhcp-range /var/etc/dnsmasq.conf.*

My lan is, start is 100, and limit is 100, just so you can interpret what is being generated.

I changed my LAN from to 10.3.6/24 and it’s now doing the entire scope as expected