DHCP setup option 43 for APC UPS network management

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I have TPLink WDR3600 and I've installed LEDE 17.01, latest stable version. I need to setup DHCP option 43 for APC cookie. Since I am newbie I need some step by step instructions what to do.
I just tried to add DHCP option 43 using web interface but nothing happened, APC didn't get IP address.
It would be good if it can be done from web interface but I think I can manage from CLI.

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is this a dhcp option to send or to request ?

this is how i do a request:
in /etc/config/network file, in the lan interface i add this line :

option reqopts '0x01 0x03 0x06 0x0F 0x1C 0x33 0x3A 0x3B 0x5A 0x77 0x78 0x7D'

to request options 1,3,6,15,.....i think it is possible to use decimal values...

if you need to send options values :

option sendopts '0x4D:0102030504 0x5a:0102030405'

here i send option 77 (0x4d) and option 90 (0x5a)

Thanks for your aswer.
The APC network management card is expecting this option in DHCP offer. Everywhere I read it is about adding dhcp-option in dhcp.conf, on some sites it's mentioned to add vendor class... So I am pretty confused what to add where...
As far as I know the DHCP server should send offer with options we have in conf file. This can work with options from network config?

yes that's how it works for me, i can confirm.
You have to put your dhcp options in /etc/config/network in the interface which is supposed to send or receive the options.

According to this : http://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/FA156110/
you have to requests these options : 12, 60, 61, 77
And you have to send these options : 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 ,15, 42, 43, 51, 58, 59

with the link example here is how to send 1APC in the option 43

option sendopts ‘0x2b:010431415043’

just add a space in the string between each options, as i did in my first post.

Thank you for posting the code lines for APC DHCP cookie. Unfortunately it does not work on my Gargoyle (Open-wrt).
I added those lines in my Gargoyle network file in LAN section and there was no change.
Could you please post your file with the configuration? Maybe I'm missing something.

Thank you very much.

Gargoyle is supported on the Gargoyle site...

Hi OldNavyGuy,
I was simply asking for the code you've been using in config files network or dhcp. I would appreciate if somebody would post it as an example.
I already went on Gargoyle site and asked a question related to this topic and nobody knows anything about it.
I would much appreciate if anybody would share their working configuration for DHCP vendor option, especially for APC or provide some inside on how they made it work.
Thank you greatly.

Hi Mr. Andonovski,

Did you have any success in getting your router working with DHCP option 43 for APC cookie?
Kindly share your config if you managed to make it work.
Many thanks.


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