DHCP server and Apple TV

When looking in the routers system log my Apple-TV has actually at all times has a out of the ordinary network behavior.

About every 20min 24/7 (not a periodically exact time) the Apple-TV MAC runs a DHCPRequest and receives a DHCPpack IP adress.

Over and over again. Of my 16units connected to the DHCP server it is only the Apple-TV that is doing this. All other equipment on the network seems to be happy with the 12h lease time.

The Apple-TV works in that respect. But it is a lot of useless log lines in the router!

Should I maybe give it a static address instead to make it stop waking the DHCP server all the time?

While I would consider the behaviour of this Apple TV DHCP client to be broken, I don't really see any need to work around it either? What ill-effects, apart from the log entries that it successfully re-acquired its DHCP lease, do you actually see?

The log entry isn't a problem, and dnsmasq has a lot more on its hands than just re-affirming the DHCP lease of a stupid DHCP client every 20 minutes, that is negligible.