DHCP Scope Per Vlan

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I'm looking to have dhcp scope /24 per vlan x 3 vlans. I've done lots of googling and can only find examples of where one port per vlan is used. I plan to have vlan 10, 20, 30 all running over one port tagged and untagged vid 1.

Can anyone provide any guidance on setting this up or helpful links?
This is what I am trying to achieve;

all on interface1 (lan port 1 on the router)
VID 10 - Ip range tagged
VID 20 - ip range tagged
VID 30 - ip range tagged
VID 1 - ip range untagged

The examples you found should be fine. The assignment of DHCP ranges to vlans is not dependent on the way the vlans are split (or not split) in the switch.

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I don't recommend to send untagged frames to the switch.
What you can do on the switchport connecting to OpenWrt is to have 4 vlans all tagged. Then on the switch you can have untagged ports on each vlan where the lan hosts will connect to.

What’s the concern over the untagged frames ?

First of all it is not needed. The switchport understands tagged frames so you can use only tagged vlans.
Second and most important you can have vlan hopping due to misconfiguration.
In most cases the native vlan is used as a blackhole.

Got ya thanks!

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