DHCP Relay With dnsmasq Not Working

I have a TP-Link Archer c7 v3 running LEDE r2763. I have configured two vLans, 10 and 11. In vLan 10 I have a windows DHCP server. In vLan 11 I would like DHCP requests to be relayed to the DHCP server in vLan 10. To do so, I have added the line "dhcp-relay=," to /etc/dnsmasq.conf.

Clients on vLan 11 are unable to receive DHCP leases. I have captured traffic on my DHCP server and can verify that the DHCPDISCOVER from vLan 11 arrives and has the IP address of the relay ( in the RelayAgentIP field. I can also verify that the DHCP server responds with a DHCPOFFER back to the relay (, however, the client never receives an IP address.

Has anyone successfully used dnsmasq's dhcp-relay option? If so, what was your configuration like?

Is there any way to configure dnsmasq's dhcp-relay option from /etc/config/dhcp?

I don't need the DHCP/DNS features of dnsmasq. If I were to completely uninstall dnsmasq, is there a better DHCP relay package that I should be using?