DHCP Range for LAN subnet

I have set as IPv4 address for LAN.
DHCP lease IP addresses from range 10.147.16.
How can I keep /22 and set DHCP to lease 10.147.17 subnet addresses?
There are only Start and Limit options.

You need to calculate start and limit according to your needs (yes, the values can exceed 255).

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Thanks. Also I can specify start IP address.

IF this was a question, then you specify the start as an offset of the network address.

Of course it wasn’t.
I meant the field allow to enter full ip like as start value.

I think you mean "it was"?

Again, you calculate the start and limit values:

So, you seem to want a start value of 100. Hope this helps.

Yes, the option start accepts an IP address value as well. For your specific case, you can either specify option start 356 ( + 356 = + 356 = or you can specify option start directly.


I think it's worth mentioning in the tooltip in LuCI, as it currently mentions start as an offset.

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