Dhcp problem - not getting an ip address

hello, I set up a new virtual openwrt machine and at one interface I also get following error messages:

daemon.warn dnsmasq-dhcp[18750]: no address range available for DHCP request via

when using the force parameter it works, but why? there is no other dhcp server on that net...

thx so far!

That sounds more like you having changed the LAN IP subnet, but still have DHCP leases with IPs outside of this subnet defined.

no :confused: I just replaced the physical openwrt router with a virtual one. all vlans and subnets are the same, also I restarted all that devices, without success.

edit: maybe I got it... I used copy & paste using windows editor and winscp... I restarted with a blank dhcp config file and pasted the content using the vi editor and now it seems to work... good night everyone

so long