DHCP packet does not contain an address

I've connected the modem/router to the VDSL, it synchronises no problem, the system log shows the router making the request over DHCP (per ISP instructions) and getting a response "DHCP packet received that does not contain and address"

I'm baffled, I'm using 21.02 on an AVM 7360v2 I've tried both DHCP and DHCPv6 clients.

Is there a protocol/extension/setting that needs enabled or is it's contact the ISP job?

It's guess work without knowing the requirements of your ISP (VLAN tagging comes to mind), but have a look at https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wan/isp-configurations and the bthub5 guides at https://openwrt.ebilan.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=266 (yes, for a different device, but still very similar).

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not entirely sure I've understood where you're coming from but it did give me a rabbit hole to dive into;

the ISP modem has is somewhat puzzling, it gives the user lots of statistics and information, but vey basic configuration.
the connection tab shows "VLAN_100" to be connected and the packet throughput.

so back to LuCi;
in the devices tab I've created a virtual interface/network (VLAN 802.1ad) based on dsl0 with VLAN ID 100. back to the interfaces tab and created a DHCP client on that interface - wan (dsl0.100).

could it be that simple?

note: I'm not going to be able to test it until tomorrow, I get about 20-30 minutes in the morning before the internet connection becomes critical...

it could be, yes - every ISP has its own ideas in that regard. But these days many of them require VLAN tagging of some sort.

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the only information given by the ISP for using third-party devices is; VPI, VCI, Encapsulation mode and that the WAN interface needs to be set to DHCP Client.

there's no mention of VLAN tagging, but somehow commercial routers can connect with just that information...
at the same time I can't think of any reason why they'd call an interface VLAN_100 if it was - for instance - VLAN id 101.

I'll see how it goes in the morning and submit the information to the WIKI if we get anywhere.

No joy this morning, set it up and connected it.

I was seeing tx over the interface but no Rx at all.

Then I had to turn the power off to continue rewiring the house. I'll have another crack at it tomorrow.

There's a comment on another forum about configuring the interface as IPoE ~ although the replies to this are that it's still DHCP.

I'll have another rummage later and see if there's a configuration step in missing.

p.s. it's not something as stupid at needing to bridge dsl0.100 to dsl.0 is it?

totally changed tack on this;

created a bridge interface (br-wan) in devices on dsl0 with VLAN filtering (VLAN ID 100, tagged)
altered the DHCP interface from dsl0.100 to br-wan.

I'm so far out of my depth at this point I'm mostly just pushing buttons to see what happens.