Dhcp: mismatch between GUI and docs

The docs for /etc/config/dhcp says that the "mac" option is:
The hardware address(es) of this host, separated by commas.

In practice, when using commas the GUI will highlight in red the offending hosts.
This is either a minor cosmetic issue in the GUI or a minor mistake in the documentation, since the IPV4 static lease is correctly assigned to either wifi or ethernet interface in the laptop, regardless of the separator used for multiple MACs.


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The way I see this code:

  • Both space-separated and comma-separated values should work.
  • Both option and list should work as well.

If LuCI prohibits or warns about something, it doesn't mean this is not working.
It means that the input field syntax check is just simplified.

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Long story short, configure it the way LUCI is happy and be on your way :slight_smile:

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