DHCP Limits in Openwrt


I searched but could not find an exact answer. Are there any default limits to DHCP addresses using default dnsmasq in rev 22? WIth friend family visiting and exploding number of devices like lights, plugs, appliances, laptops, phones, everything wants to establish its legitimacy on the net!!!

One option could be to set up one VLAN for guests, one VLAN for IOT, and another for residents, filers, and virtual machines. Then each interface is likely to have sufficiently addresses.

What do the guru on this form recommend? Love to hear your thoughts.


Another option might be a /23 or even /22 subnet. Gives you 509 or 1021 usable addresses. Could go all the way to a /16 which gives you 65533 usable addresses. Or, if you want the largest address range possible, go for on your LAN.


If most of the devices are WiFi also:



from my point of view, VLANs are ideal for this scenario
IoT and NAS in same L2 network, no way ... :slight_smile:
so you will have separated (firewalled) networks
and one more good reason is that you will fit in /24

ok, as @iplaywithtoys wrote, there is always a possibility for /23 but ...
we are humans after all, and many tutorials, examples etc are written for /24
our brains is used to /24 in home networks
it "feel" more natural :slight_smile:

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VLAN does make it complex. Tagged, Untagged, default VID etc. but I agree that we can think of /24 in our sleep and IP address could also help define type of device.