DHCP leases sorted, filtered or coloured by VLAN-ID

Hi all,

First of a big thank you for the marvelous Openwrt software!!!

In my setup I have multi VLAN's with multiple ip ranges. Would it be possible to have the DHCP leases be sortable by VLAN-ID, either by filtering, sorting or colourising in the LuCi -> Status -> Overview or the LuCi -> Dashboard -> DHCP Devices?

It would make it so much more easy to get a good overview.


Just curious -

  1. You mean the "Active DHCP Leases" section, correct?
  2. Would sorting by the IP address solve the same inquiry - or are you implying that you address multiple subnets on the same VLAN?

LuCI currently allows sorting by IP.

Hi Ileachii,
Thanks for your reply!

First of, I didn't know that you could sort the active dhcp leases by IP, learned something!
But overall yes, it would be nice if they could be a little bit more distinctly separable by colorising them, and not only in the active dhcp leases but also in the ' luci-mod-dashboard' app.