Dhcp.leases empty

I have dhcp clients connected.
The main status page has no entries in "Active DHCP Leases".
Login via ssh and check: /tmp/dhcp.leases is empty.
Just upgraded to v21.02.3 hoping this would fix it, but it didn't.
How can I get dhcp leases to show?
Thanks for any help. Cheers.

Since /tmp is a RAM drive, a reboot of OpenWrt erases the file. It will eventually repopulate as clients renew their leases. If you are changing things and/or rebooting frequently, a lease time much shorter than the default 12 hours should be used.


Thanks for your reply. I took the lease time down to 1 hour, rebooted and left it for a while ... with no improvement. I Eventually discovered that /etc/config/dhcp was incorrectly configured (missing "option dhcpv4 'server'" and "option dhcpv6 'server'") and there was also an unexpected other DHCP server on the network. Now corrected and "Active DHCP Leases" fully populated. Thanks for your help.

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