DHCP Lease question - B.A.T.M.A.N. with 8 mesh units plus mesh router

I followed markonefifty's video on using batman, and after trying about a hundred times, i removed all the fancy add on's he had, vpn, security, and now everything is working great.

D-Link DIR-2660 router
Qty 8 Netgear EX6150v2 extenders.

I am running the same release on all, 21.02.5 r16688-fa9a932fdb
I found running anything higher results in broken wifi functions in both units, others have reported the same thing, once a radio connection is made, no more connections can be attempted and the channel analysis page no longer works, no more scanning is possible.
Just saying that here as FYI to others, not an issue for me as I am staying at 21.02.5

I have one spare 6150 that is a client to my other house network, it is being used on the wan input of the router to simulate my isp, and works fine.

The router and all 8 units can talk to each other and have internet access.

One thing I noticed, I can see all 8 units have an IP LEASE in the routers STATUS OVERVIEW web page.

If I reboot the router, they disappear but still work, but not as well as prior to booting the router. For example, if I am streaming a 1080p youtube via one of the 8 mesh units, and reboot the router, the video starts halting starting.

To fix it , I have to logon to all 8 and reboot them, then they show up with a lease and function again.

I dont think I should have to reboot them, I am perhaps not doing something right so they know they need to get a new lease or whatever.

So thats my issue for now, if the router is rebooted, how do I get the mesh to self repair and establish new dhcp leases in the router.


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