DHCP issue with 21.02 / DISCOVER - OFFER, missing messages


After upgrading to new 21.02 final I facing issues with my Dell 7706 and DHCP request. I cannot use it over Wifi and there are not alls DHCP messages visible in the log. Before I never faced issues like this. Was on a Snapshot before from 06/2021 somewhere around.

Any ideas? Perhaps it is another issue but that looks strange and Windows shows missing internet…but IP is shown in settings…

Not ok:

Ok from my iPad:


Hi Nils,

Why do you think messages are missing? The DHCP discover is requested by the connecting device. If it already knows what IP it wants to have it will immediately send a DHCPREQUEST. Then it gets acknowledged by the router with the DHCPACK, which indicates that it succeeded

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That was the only difference I found between my Laptop and other devices. If that is fine there is perhaps another issue that my Laptop could not establish a connection to the network.

Do you have any ideas what to check? The log logs fine for me in general. The Laptop is the only device having problems even after restarting it.


Not sure if you set it up from scratch. But if so, check if e.g. 802.11w is on now and was off. Maybe using WPA3 now instead of 2? In general check differences in setup. Maybe KRACK protection is different now. 802.11r (fast transition)? etc etc

Simply flashed the new firmware and everything worked fine for some days. Will compare everything…