DHCP IPv6 need to disable

Hi guys, i'm trying to disable ipv6 address assign in lan. I was try many of methods and guides but in logs router give to local devices like

DHCPACK(br-lan) 28:39:26:aa:df:f3 laptop

How i can use ipv4 assign only? Use current release 19.0.4

Disabling DHCPv6 should be possible but in most cases it's just pointless if not unwise.
Can you clarify what is the actual problem?


FYI this is IPv4.


D'OH, this is mac adresses but i think this is ipv6 addreses. My mistake. Thank u Captain.

cannot disable even make a custom build from git?

Switch IPv6 assignment length to Disabled

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This is option of of sources to when preparing it to compile or something else option in installed firmware?

Network -> Interfaces -> Edit LAN -> General Settings.

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Thank u, again.

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