DHCP ignores duplicate hosts (if you switch interfaces and have a new mac on the same host)

Here is what I am doing, I have two laptops that I occasionally need to use wired or wireless connect. The issue is that they will only work with whichever network connection is used first. So if the laptop is turned on and connects to wifi it works. But, if i then connect it to a wired connection (either through a dock or on the laptop itself) it will not get an ip. And the reverse is true as well. I can look at OpenWRT dhcp leases and see only the first connection mac address assigned with that hostname and a IP.

So it seems that openwrt is assigning ip based off of hostname, or it doens't allow duplicate hostnames.. Is there a way to get around this?

I guess dnsmasq is not aware that both MAC addresses belong to the same machine (how could it know?), so the second connection seems to come from a different machine, that tries to claim a name that is already in use.