DHCP/DNS Pi 3b+ client on Windows 10 enterprise server

I just installed 19.07.4 on a Pi 3b+. I connected to a Windows system over ethernet, and most things work fine - I can SSH and open LUCI by IP from Windows, etc. However, the Windows system connects to a wpa2-psk network for internet access, and there seems to be some bork in the Windoze network settings that's preventing a correct DHCP config with the shared wifi. Therefore the Pi cannot go online. Ping anydomainnamewhatsoever.com (from openwrt) fails; so does pinging any IP, including the windoze system and the so-called DNS server. I'd love to connect to the wpa2-psk with the onboard wifi from the Pi, but according to this

I need to have opkg working, and since I have no net access it's not going to happen.

Alternately, I'd be more than happy to put all the package files on a USB drive but since the block command specified here

does not seem to be installed, I'm once again up a creek

Many thanks in advance for any help


Have you enabled Internet connection sharing in windows? Without it there won't be nat enabled.

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Yep, one of the first things I did.

Thanks again for the help


Does that mean you don't have Internet on the Windows machine?

@virgosystems, I'm confused...can you clearly explain:

  • how the Windows machine is connected to the OpenWrt
  • how the Windows machine gets Internet
  • why you're under the impression that the OpenWrt has an Internet connection?
  • how is a pi involved?

OK...but could you explain how you connected and set the OpenWrt?

(I assume you are using the Ethernet on the Windows machine to connect to the WAN port of the OpenWrt. I also assume that the IP assigned from ICS doesn't match the LAN on OpenWrt...but none of this relevant information is provided.)

BTW, if you have the correct version of Windows and capable WiFi card, you could also bridge the two interfaces together.

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Ok post here the following from the Pi.
uci export network; uci export dhcp; uci export firewall; ip -4 addr; ip -4 ro

Wifi internet <- Win10Pc -> cable <- Pi with OpenWrt.


OK, the OP (and you) use the terms interchangeably, gotcha now!

OK I assumed; but OP never notes how they connected the OpenWrt - to WAN or LAN, check for IP conflicts, etc.

Pi has only one port, which is assigned to LAN. :wink:

@virgosystems you don't need to install anything on Pi to make it work. This is the guide you should be looking at.

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Oh, then that's [maybe] why there's no Internet....wonder if the OP configured it... :thinking:

Most likely not all static settings are correct, or dhcp is not getting the settings properly, or it is conflicting with the dhcp server of OpenWrt.
However the Pi can connect to a wpa2-psk secured wifi without extra packages.

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