Dhcp discover message not reply

this is dicover message

this is tcpdump result

Is this OpenWrt related (as no information is provided and it appears you're showing the client's packets)?

Shouldn't this be a REQUEST?

Nonetheless, you provide no information that would be needed to assist you, e.g.:

  • OpenWrt version
  • Device
  • Is this wired or WiFi
  • DHCP config for the interface
  • Firewall config for the interface/zone

(Please use full sentences to describe.)

the option 57 is 576. may it is too short?

Try answering the questions asked, instead of making counter questions.


openwrt version: 19.07


dhcp config :

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Please stop creating mutiple threads.


Your ISP?

Do they lock your MAC address to a specific hardware?


(This is why you use 1 thread for 1 issue. It took 8 posts to reestablish issue on OpenWrt wan.)

my wan is dhcp client, and it is connected to a router. I can't login in this router,So I can't tell if my mac address is locked.

Ask the owner of the router. There could be many reasons - all under the control of your upstream router's administrator.

Also relevant:

sorry, i will pay attention next time

ok, i i will do it right now. thanks

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