DHCP client mode, how to log in to router?

I set my router I just flashed openwrt on to DHCP client mode, I looked at the host router and it gives an assigned IP for a device called open wrt which I assume is the openwrt router, but when I enter that address into the browser of a computer connected to the openwrt router it doesn't bring me to the router page, is there another address i need to use that isn't that one, or was I supposed to change some other settings before applying that or?

If you're working with a default configuratoin, the OpenWrt router will have the wan setup as a DHCP client. The lan, on the other hand, will have a static IP for the router itself (, and will have a DHCP server enabled for connected devices.

The wan is firewalled, so you will not be able to reach the OpenWrt router's configuration from the wan side.

Wireless is disabled by default, so you need to connect your computer directly to the lan port via ethernet. Once connected, you will be able to reach it at the address via ssh or a web browser (as long as you installed a release versoin of OpenWrt). The username is root, and there is no password (it's blank) in the default state.

Sorry I'm not really sure I understand, I'm pretty new to this stuff.

Everything was default since I had to do a hard reset, beyond the IP being static (as part of the hard reset). I switched from static to DHCP client on the lan that I edited, the one connected to my pc.

Now with th my computer connected to the openwrt router by itself or with the openwrt router connected to my PC and the host router, neither the IP that you gave nor the one that shows up on the client list is connecting to the Web interface. Where do I go to find the IP I need, or do I need to do another hard reset?

So if you changed your OpenWrt lan configuration to use DHCP client, do you have an existing DHCP server (such as a main router) on your network already? If so, you'll look at the DHCP leases table and find the IP address that was issued to OpenWrt. At that point, you should be able to use ssh or http/https to reach the router at the address that is indicated by the DHCP server.

Can you tell us:

  • What device you are using?
  • What is that device connected to (i.e. what is upstream of it)?
  • What physical port is being used on the OpenWrt device?
  • What exactly you changed on your OpenWrt device?

honestly I ended up just resetting it again and using a static IP even though that system slightly confuses me, thank you for trying to help thjough.