DGS-1510 (Broadcom Switches)

Just a little memo to myself and anyone else who might be interested ...

In the last months support some really cool guys developed OpenWrt support for RTL838x based switches. This was achieved with the Realtek SDK. It seems as if Broadcom has some similar SDK that floats around github. I collected the stuff at https://github.com/plappermaul/broadcom-switches

Known devices that might work with OpenWRT some day:

Layer 3 Swtches - BCM56340 Helix4 - Dualcore 32 Bit ARM9
D-Link DGS-1510-52X - 48x1GE - 4xSFP+ 10GE -  32 MB Flash -  256 MB RAM
Dell N2048          - 48x1GE - 2xSFP+ 10GE - 256 MB Flash - 1024 MB RAM

Of course the SDK might support other devices but currently I have only those 2 for basic checks