DGS-1200-28 C1 revert to stock fw

is there any chance to flash the stock firmware either from u-boot command line or OpenWrt?

Thanks in advance!

What's the current status of the device?

My problems start with DGS-1200-28, to the best of my knowledge, there is no such such device to begin with (maybe you mean DGS-1210-28, the the details really matter). Likewise (DGS-1210) hardware revision C1 suggests a Broadcom based switch design, which wouldn't be supported by OpenWrt at all (never has been, no serious attempts to get it supported either) - so it's unclear from what current firmware you'd want to go back, nor is there anything known/ documented about these Broadcom variants here either, so not a whole lot we could help you with either.

For things like this, the exact model name and hardware revisions are essential, so please double, triple-check the exact details, both before trying to flash OpenWrt and for asking about the details.


Actually the device is semi-bricked.
It starts u-boot and then I either break it with ctrl-c or u-boot fails to load firmware from flash because of failed checksums of both kernel and squash.
I suppose that there's a way to extract kernel and squashfs parts from the .hex file, tftpboot them to DRAM and then write to flash. And what I'm looking for is how to convert .hex to its vmlinux and squashfs parts.

Did you actually read @slh's answer to your post!? You won't get helpful replies if you don't answer these - really important - basic questions.

Regarding the DGS-1210-28 rev. F1, we can provide help.


Ok, excuse me, guys, can you please give me any clue how to unpack kernel and squashfs from .hex firmware file for a F series switch?

try binwalk ?

You can convert hex to binary with objcopy. And then use binwalk and/or dd on binary.

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