DGND3700 v2 help needed

Hi. Im new here. I've managed to install and use the snapshot on this device and I wasnt able to install packages as it said "filesystem" mounted read only. not sure if it was root.

I've then gone back to oem firmware and it seems to be able to get there everytime after i try again, but for the life of me, i cant seem to get it to flash the openwrt version again.

is there anything i need to clear or can delete thats perhaps preventing me from installing again? i've soldered serial pins and will use a pi to setup a serial terminal.

Thanks for any assistance.

[EDIT] i just recaled that i updated the firmware with the update snapshot. Perhaps that did something. If anyone is able to assist me from here, I'd appreciate it. I'm going through the failsafe/recovery pages now.

That could be the case. Factory image is preparing your device for OpenWrt with device specific settings and (very important) it takes care about the original firmware "settings" (e. g. flash layout) to make it possible to revert back to original firmware.

So it might be sth. is broken now.

That sounds good. I would try to flash stock firmware again to assure all is working properly. And I would recommend to stay on stock firmware. Because this device is not supported well.


"Broadcom WiFi chipsets have limited OpenWrt supportability"
"DSL will not work at all on devices with BCM63xx DSL chipset"
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Thank you for your swift response. It's not my daily device and it works well on stock again, so I don't mind assisting where I can if it's a device that is of interest. Please let me know if you want me to test or gather logs etc to assist in development. Im not interested in the DSL part.

Well, I'm not a developer. But this device will probably never get any better support. Because it's chipset is Broadcom based and its quite old. Broadcom drivers are not open source. So they are not and will probably never included in OpenWrt.

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Ok I understand. I have quite a few older units from different brands at my disposal and the plan was always to try and do something with the ones that are moddable. Thanks again and see you around here :slight_smile:

Oh, what is sth that you mention above and is there a way to "fix" it?

I have no clue. If all is running without any issue I would not dig more. The only thing I would do would be installing the latest firmware again over the existing. Maybe it will fix it.
There is also a tool called nrmpflash:

It might help to get back stock firmware in the right way.

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Yes i've been using that tool extensively to reflash. Tried to flash openwrt a few times as well with that but no luck. It keeps bringing the firmware screen when i short the rx and tx serial pins, so whatever software is respobsible for that, seems untouchable thus far :). I'll keep trying and post any updates here.

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I've sadly wiped the entire flash. :weary:

i did however see 3 faulty nand locations as i was browsing the logs.
I used one of the commands found after pressing enter over the serial terminal. (i had to power on, reset and then press CTRL and enter to simulate an enter[saw this somewhere])

Going to look at jtag pins and see if i can push the firmware back. I've read somewhere that the bad nand spots needs to be mapped by the firmware [one of the filesystems?] as it's not repaired at hardware level, so will need to work around this. Perhaps compiling the openwrt to reside in different place on the flash, as i suspect i could boot openwrt the first time and not again, due to a bad flash location [sector?].

Hope this helps someone. Oh i know some of the above because a reset would take place every 10 seconds and i think i saw a kernel panic just before the reset [some kind of hardware watchdog perhaps?]

Will report back if i can find the jtag pins [and my adapter]