DGN3500 bad performance

Hi to all.
I have a fiber modem with good performance (400 Mbps download / 170 Mbps upload).
I'd like to create a distinct local network (ethernet & WiFi).
I installed OpenWrt on a DGN3500 (Modem Router N300 Wireless Gigabit ADSL2+) to use it to create this distinct network.
The DGN3500 doesn't have a WAN port, that's why I installed OpenWrt.
No problem in installing OpenWrt.

I went in Network > Switch and I created another VLAN for port 0, to use as WAN.

I went in Network > Interfaces and I created the bridge between WAN and LAN.

Finally I went in Network > WiFi and I created the WiFi.

So far, so good: everything's working... but performance are really BAD!

PC, directly connected with ethernet to the external Modem: 400 Mbps download / 170 Mbps upload.
Same PC, connected with ethernet to OpenWRT network: 60 Mbps download / 60 Mbps upload.
Same PC, connected with WiFi to OpenWRT network: 30 Mbps download / 20 Mbps upload.

No other devices connected to both networks.

Any suggestion?


You'll have to go shopping, your device was designed with ADSL and max. 20 MBit/s in mind.

ipq8065 can do 400 MBit/s without SQM (probably up to somewhere around 500-600 MBit/s tops), mvebu (bad wireless) or x86_64 as well. Speeds above ~150 MBit/s just need decent (modern) hardware.