Devolo 1750i dead after installation

Dear all,
I am a first time user and I want to install the latest stable firmware to my devolo 1750i AP.
I downloaded the firmware, copied it to the tmp folder and installed it.
After the command rebooting, the ap is not accessable anymore in the LAN. He had previously a fixed IP adress, but on this or any other IP he is not reachable.
I already used the "reset" button with no access.
The AP is not accessable via ssh. A recovery tool I didn´t found. Any ideas or did I just produced waste....

Disable NETWORK ADAPTER. Set your NETWORK ADAPTER to static IP then enable NETWORK ADAPTER. Cold boot router. Attempt to get SSH or WinSCP (SCP) session to If you get SSH do you see the OPENWRT banner? If no SSH can you ping? (Set up ping -t then reboot router-do you see any response from the router at all?) What lights do you see? During boot process?

Hi Solarsails,
thank you for your reply. It worked , I have access to the AP and I am able to configure it. Thanks a lot. Because a lot of things changed im comparision to the manufacturing version, I have a problem, you might be able to support as well.

In the "old" configuration I had different SSIDs which are tagged with different VLAN ID tags. In this new firmware, this option is not present anymore. Do I have to install an additional service or software ?
On the LAN Port to different VLAN are arriving from my switch - one with the ID 2 and one with the ID3. How to manage, that the ID2 is assigned to WIFI1 and ID3 is assigned to WIFI2 ?

Thanks a lot for your support.


...I'm not sure about VLANs but I think you have to go into the network interfaces and add a new interface for each VLAN that you want to set up. I believe that you can add interfaces for the separate wifi connections as well, if I understand what your asking. If I'm way off you may want to mark the solution and close this thread and start a new one for that issue so someone with more experience in such matters can help out. Sorry if I'm not grasping what your want to do very well...

There's a ton of info regarding VLANs out there. I've never had a need to do anything with VLANs, I suppose all my configurations have been rather simple ones. I wish I could help you out more than that...

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