Devolo 1200e Buzzer problem

I bought an devolo 1200e ( months ago. I knew there was an beeper (buzzer,... whatever) in. With the stock firmware was everything find(Stock is really really old: OpenWrt 17.x).

According to the buzzer shuld be accessible via GPIO 15.

I also read this article: - No success

Now my Question: How to controll the buzzer? Is there an option or plugin for luci?

Simply that question.

It's at least present on the ath79 firmware

        beeper {
                compatible = "gpio-beeper";
                gpios = <&gpio 4 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;

You'd need something to drive that GPIO. Perhaps there is a kmod-beeper or the like if isn't built by default. perhaps?

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I saw kmod-gpio-beeper already. How to use it?

Check to see what kind of device it reveals in /dev/ and/or /sys/ and then write/find a user-land package to do what you want.

I dont understand


Please explain you answer!

The hardware definitions are in the kernel.

If present, the kernel will attach the gpio-beeper driver to it the hardware. It will typically reveal a device in /dev/ as well as in the sysfs.

You need to find software that drives a GPIO beeper to do something useful for you.

Yah.......What software is good to use? I cant find any!