Devices with full HW acceleration support

Hi all, is there a place I can find a list of devices for which OpenWRT supports HW acceleration?

Only devices with the mt7621 SOC currently support hardware NAT. You can filter the Table of Hardware (TOH) on the OpenWRT wiki to find said devices.


@slh made a suggestion for possible mt76 devices:

Xiaomi Mi Router 3g (mir3g)
ZBT WE1326
ZBT WG3526

You could also have a look at the OpenWrt firmware image download statistics and see which image files for mt76 are popular downloads:


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Thx for the suggestions.

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h/w flowoffloading is a feature common to all devices based on the mt7621 SOC, not just the three quoted examples (although they're among the cheapest and most common ones supported by OpenWrt). Also consider that mt7621 is one of the weakest contemporary SOCs, so if you need performance beyond the means of accelerated NAT and offloadable firewall rules, mvebu (or x86-) based devices would do a better job (both of which can route at 1 GBit/s linespeed without hardware flowoffloading being necessary).


I would not mind trying an x86 based device, but there are currently no easy to follow guides on how to build one with good WiFI, unless I missed it. I prefer maintaining a single device (modem/router/AP) for home just to have to maintain fewer devices.
For some time I was looking at Home Hub 5 (I think) as an all-in-one device, but it might not have a lot of life left in it. An x86 box might be a way to gain the end.

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