Devices that can do SQM up to 500 mbps that cost up to $100

I would like recommendations please.

The first new alderlake-n/ n100 x86_64 systems start around 100 USD - and there are always used firewall PCs as well.


Rpi4 in alu case (flirc) with usb gbit adapter for the uplink.

I am using SQM on a PPPoE link that is throttled at 500Mbit down, 70 up. SQM is throttled at 500/70 in the config which gets me a 450 download (not sure why I needed to over-configure it both up and down) and 62 up. Getting A+ on buffer bloat tests and my ping times are rock steady during a typical speed test.

I have no idea whether it is more capable than this. I do have a spare rpi5 and I am eyeing up a pcie to dual 2.5 gbit adapter for that.

I guess by the time you have bought the adapter, PSU, case, external switch if you need one.. probably blew the budget. Unless you have some of these around already.

Also not using wifi.

I am currently experimenting with a DL-WRX36. On paper it is an 80 usd device that is way more powerful than the rpi4, arm quad core 2.2GHz vs 1.8 on the rpi, has 2.5 gbit wan, 4 gbit ethernet ports (looks like software switched), 802.11ax wifi. USB-3 as well. I am not sure about it yet but seems very promising. Somewhat larger form factor.

I have found eth0 to do better a better job as the uplink. It handles raw packets down better than trying to push them through a USB3 bus and processed packets back up..

It should have a heatsink on it; which the Flirc does not have but has room for.

You are right: the Pi4 can handle PPPoE and SQM @500 down and 70 up while filing its nails.

Obligatory 'the radios suck' before someone else posts it.

Interesting, I figured eth0 would be better deployed on the LAN for those sorts of reasons, the traffic there is faster. I am guessing a dual ethernet to pcie card on the rpi5 will get me a future proof replacement.

With SQM off I can easily get exactly 500 / 70 and even see the ISPs throttling algo as it exceeds the rate then caps it back down,

Would be nice to know if someone is using rpi4 for faster WAN scenarios. My current FTTP setup will do 900 probably at my next contract re-negotiation. PPPoE though so has some overhead.

Its supposed to handle 1Gbit/s with SQM using only 25% CPU.

Good news, though the usb-3 gbit adapter will as you say likely not quite get there.

The dl-wrx36 looks like it will smash that and has all those features on the main board. But I read there are some stability issues with the wifi drivers I don't know if they will affect me (yet). I bought it as an experimental upgrade for an AP, not router, potentially I could use it for both. OP was asking for 100 usd this device would definitely meet that.

I did not mean to say the USB ethernet could not do 1Gbit/s: I meant that the built in ethernet has more circuitry (a controller and some SOC integration) that feeds raw packets more efficiently for processing than using the USB lane.
Once the SOC has had it's way with everything, the dongle is fine.

I liked the DL-WRX36, but here in my country it is unavailable and if I imported it it would cost well over $100. Would there be something similar to this?

I saw that there are nanopi devices, they come with two ethernet ports and a case. Would it be a good alternative?

The links in this forum thread are all broken so I can't see the prices of the products.

Traffic shapers typically are configured with gross rates while capacity tests report net payload rates. And then some difference comes from the unavoidable per-packet overhead.
E.g. IPv4 TCP capacity test at MTU 1500, with linux default (and almost always too small) 14 bytes overhead:
500 * ((1500 - 20 - 20) / (1500 +14)) = 482
your true overhead might be bigger, and not every capacit test will reliably saturate a 500 Mbps link....

Would you have any recommendations for me?

Yes, a NanoPi R4S 4Gb is certainly a good option.

The nature of used devices is that supply and demand vary, of course those old links no longer work. The thread is just meant to provide hints for interesting devices, finding the best option would be up to you - it will take some patience and persistence to find a good deal. Sophos is basically always available, but typically a tad higher on the price scale. Beyond 60-70 EUR (and for at least an Atom j1900 or better), I would look into new n100 systems right off the slow ship from China, as they start around 120 EUR, if you're lucky (for a new device, capable of 2.5 GBit/s and four ethernet ports).

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This needs to be upfront and center!
If you find an outside link (or, possibly, inside) older than the latest build, consider it is suspect.

Most of all the poster boy of that topic, the pcengines apu2+, is not at all recommended anymore - there is way better than those tired AMD jaguar cores. The interesting devices are mentioned further to the back of that thread.

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We cannot go and update to make something obsolete.

We that help learn more in a trimester( of a year) than U.S. students learn to pass a course.
And with that I thank u.

that would take forethought that excludes a Pi,

So, although, I love my Pis: maybe (may be) yes. (?)

If J1900 is "good enough", the ARK-1123 is usually blow $50 on US eBay.
Only two ethernet ports though.