Devices connected to OpenWrt have internet access however OpenWrt does not

I have modem/router from my ISP.
Connected to the modem/router an OpenWrt router.
Connected to the OpenWrt router I have a PC and a Linux device.
PC and Linux device are connecting to the internet, eg ping is succesfull.
On the OpenWrt router itself I can ping the PC however I cannot reach!
I have this problem since I had to do a full reflash of the OpenWrt firmware.
How can I solve this?




First guess is that you are trying to use the OpenWrt router as a dumb AP, but you have not defined the "dns" and "gateway" options for the router's network config, so the router remains totally dumb, while the client PCs use DHCP to fetch that same info from the modem (main router).

Without any detailed knowledge about you network topology and Openwrt router config it is impossible to give any better advice...

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ip -4 a; ip -4 r
uci show network


Since a few months I changed to the HG659 modem/router. It might be the internet access from OpenWrt is gone since the change.
Could it be the HG659 is just blocking all traffic initiated from the modem/router?
Ping from OpenWrt to modem/router is Ok.

uci set network.lan.gateway=""
uci set network.lan.dns=""
uci commit network
service network reload

Many thanks!
I have access to the and can install packages.
I checked and even after reboot I have access.
Many many thanks!

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