Device with ATA (FXS) needed. Suggestions?

Hello, after receiving good advice in these forums (here: VDSL modem/router with VoIP capability ), I ordered an o2 box 6431 on eBay. Unfortunately, the parcel got lost and there are no (Arcadyan) o2 boxes for sale at the moment.

Can you suggest a device that can run Asterisk and give me one, or better two, FXS ports?

There are at least three currently for sale between 1-5 EUR, plus ~5 EUR shipping.

The O² Box 6431, albeit a bit limited in its hardware capabilities (flash/ RAM), is by far the easiest lantiq vr9 device to work with in terms of getting its FXS functionality working (the AVM devices tend to have a rather peculiar FXS setup, which is not supported).

Thanks @slh, but I still can't locate them. A search for 6431 gives me a bunch of motor parts. If I add o2 box router or similar keywords, similarly named routers come out: Thomson, Technicolor etc. I think they're all Broadcom based - not the Arcadyan thing anyway. Any links would be more than welcome (by PM if forum rules disallow posting eBay links).

I also searched on anonymously after logging out and clearing cookies as not to give out my shipping address, suspecting seller restrictions. It didn't yield better results.

I find 5x 6431 on

Thanks @tmomas. I just found out they're only listed on!
I sent a few messages to find out if they're willing to ship abroad.

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