Device suggestion for 1000/50 Mbps Routing/NAT

Hello OpenWrt community,
recently I switched from 500Mbps download speed to 1Gbps (Upload still same -> 50Mbps) and now I need you.

I'm currently using TP-Link TL-WR1043N v5 with the OpenWrt on it and getting around 650Mbps with software flow offloading enabled.

Now I'm looking for a new (all-in-one ideally) device that would allow me to use full download bandwidth (without QoS/SQM) on a wired connection. (At least 2 Ethernet ports would be nice as well as VLAN functionality)

Regarding the Wi-Fi, both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands would be nice to have with no special recommendation for the speed. (Usually 5-6 devices connected)

In terms of RAM requirements, I'm not planning anything special at the moment but some reserve is good to have for services like VPN or something similar.

And finally, my price range would be up to 300€. (I'm located in Munich, Germany if that matters.)

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Forgive the digression, but do you know what speeds others in your area/provider really get in practice? When I first subscribed to 1Gbit fiber i reliably got 900+mbps down, but that was before COVID and a lot of new fiber subscribers in my area. Now it seldom reaches 800mbps, except after midnight, and often falls below 700mpbs in the evenings.

You can get a very performant router at that price, but it'd be interesting to know if your experience will improve much as a result.

Thanks for your reply. Regarding real speed, I was pulling ISP's router already a couple of times out of Bridge mode to verify actual speed. Each time I was getting around 920Mbps on download during different times of the day connected directly into the ISP's router.

If I monitor my current OpenWrt router's CPU usage when running Ookla Speedtest, top command shows: CPU: ... 1% sys ... 0% idle ... 98% sirq

I've read through that one already. But it's talking about symmetrical link 500-1000Mbps. I'm not sure if it's applicable in my case. I'm asking in this forum because I haven't find any solution to my particular problem.

As already mentioned, currently I'm using TP-Link TL-WR1043N that manages to achieve around 650Mbps on download with software flow offloading enabled.

What makes me very surprised: Is there really a no device in the price range up to 300€ that couldn't bridge that gap of around 300Mbps in download with only Routing/NAT without QoS/SQM on a wired connection?

It does apply.

Regardless of the symmetry, your device somehow needs to be fast enough to cope with your downstream, so with 1000 MBit/s. The very low upstream throughput is bad for you as a user, but for the hardware this part is trivial (non-existent, compared to the work it has to do on the downstream side).

Up to ~450-500 MBit/s, yes - ipq806x (Netgear r7800, ZyXEL NBG6817, etc.), beyond that… see So you have 500Mbps-1Gbps fiber and need a router READ THIS FIRST.
mvebu could cope with the wired side, but usually comes with very broken mwlwifi wireless.

There are some devices on the horizon that might do it, mt7622bv+mt7915e (Belkin rt3200/ Linksys E8450) or ipq807x (OpenWrt support still under development, see Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3600).

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Go the proper way of managing it.

Get a router and then get external wifi.

Something like the R4S and then a Ubiquiti wifi point. Any corperate type wifi point will be much better than any consumer device. Add in the fact that you can then upgrade wifi to newer versions without having to replace the router as well. Oh and there is the point that most consumer routers only give you 4 LAN ports to play with you invariably require a switch for extra devices unless you go full wifi (and at that point you are then sharing your bandwidth between all your devices and that will require some grunt to throw that kind of data around without dying horribly)

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there was another similar thread a while back you might want to take a look at.

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