Device Specific Network Redirection

I want to play Mario Kart Wii, which is an old game, on my wii which I'm assuming isn't working well with random disconnects and giving me these errors because my current setup is using an openwrt router to bypass hotspot data caps on a phone connection which means I'm behind cgnat. So I need to know how to have openwrt force all the wiis connections though a proxy/vpn that does both UDP and TCP as the wii itself can only do http proxies. I also would like to know what software to setup on the vps I will get to setup the proxy/vpn. If there's potentially a simpler method than what I am thinking please let me know too. Thanks in advanced for your help!

Are you talking about EasyTether? That application itself is problematic, and since it's closed source and not an official part of the OpenWrt project really can't get any help here. Though if you search this forum you will see a few people have written scripts to try to work around EasyTether's random disconnections.

As far as setting up your own VPN on a VPS that is something you can learn about here (particularly if you run OpenWrt on both ends) but you still have to have at the foundation a reliable low-latency Internet connection for any gaming.

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No I'm not using easytether, I apologize if my wording was confusing. I'm using USB tethering with the integrated tethering function on android. While using an openwrt firewall rule to spoof the TTL value so that my carrier's system doesn't detect hotspot usage.

The disconnects are happening because I need to forward UDP ports 1024-65535 to the Wii console while behind CGNAT that doesn't allow port forwarding as I'm using cell phone internet. Latency isn't THAT much of a concern as people playing this game are very far away geographically already, most are using the Wii's old 2.4GHz wireless radio rather than a wired connection, and the game has a low data rate anyway. I'll be purchasing a VPS as close geographically as I can, in addition to already using a wired connection.

I believe I can figure out the proxy/vpn stuff out my problem stems with implementing it into openwrt in a way that makes it so that only the wii on my network gets redirected, while the rest of my clients connect directly to their destination. I don't have any idea how to go about this part of the equation.

At the VPS, you will be NATing from the VPN tunnel to the Internet. There you would DNAT back to your game console, just as if the VPS was the main router in the house.

You can use policy based routing if you want some other devices to go directly to cellular instead of VPN.


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(They can be added in /etc/config/network)