Device restrictions

Good morning all.
I have a strange guestion and dont know what to search.
Is it possible to stop internet access to say an xbox if another device i.e phone is using certian apps e.g YouTube, netflix disney ect? And reconnect once the streaming has stopped?

Not sure about that but you could look into QoS this way you can prioritize traffic and give some clients more bandwidth than others

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@bango690 what you ask can be implemented, but not so straightforwardly. I think you would need to setup a custom traffic policy as per:

However, as @egc writes, without too much trouble, you could setup cake and assign certain DHCPs to certain traffic types, and rely on cake's so-called 'diffserv' capability to allocate bandwidth between the different traffic types - see:

If you were to set your Xbox traffic to 'bulk' by assigning the appropriate DHCPs, then it would only receive 6.25% of the available bandwidth whereas the remaining bandwidth would get allocated to the YouTube, Netflix, Disney, etc traffic.

Take a look at cake-qos-simple:

I think this would give you something pretty close to what you asked for without too much trouble.

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