Device recommendation for Dual Channel WiFi (dcwapd) implementation

Hello everyone,

I have got a few questions to clarify in my mind. I hope you guys can give me some recommendations.
I would like to implement Dual Channel WiFi technology to support such a system;
- One channel for video streaming,
- One channel for downloading data,
- One channel (other purposes).

It is stated that dcwapd deamon is supported in OpenWrt-19.07.0 in Ref.

  1. When I want to choose a device for dcwapd implementation, what kind of criteria should I consider?

  2. Is there any list of chipsets I should consider for dcwapd implementation or any device chipset supported by OpenWrt-19.07.0 (or up versions) will be compatible to implement dcwapd?

  3. Is it necessary to use 2x2, 3x3 etc. MIMO technology supported device to implement dcwapd?

  4. Is there any relation between the number of antennas supported by AP and the number of channels created by dcwapd?

Could you please recommend me low-budget WLAN NIC for such a system?

Any help/recommendation would be greatly appreciated!


Is the use case a router or AP ? if so, why not get a triple radio device ?
2x 5GHz + 1x 2.4GHz ...

Support for wifi NICs in AP mode is pretty bad in Linux, even worse for 5GHz chips/radios.

I would like to implement this on my autonomous vehicle and control station, for example; one channel for low-latency video streaming, one channel for sensor data transfer.
At control station ( laptop ) side I can consider a big size and powerful AP, however, it is not good to have a big size AP on board of autonomous vehicle.


Just to clarify, the device you're looking for, is it supposed to act as an AP/router, or wireless client ?

yes AP client on vehicle and AP station at control station side.
I thought I may choose dual radio WiFi dongle on board and AP/router at control station side, however, I have no idea what kind of criteria I should consider to choose hardware device for OpenWrt implementation to be able to use dcwapd.