Device missing from Associated Stations

I have a Ring doorbell that doesn't seem to show in the associated stations list on the overview tab. I know it has an IP address as I can see it in the DHCP scope (not provided by OpenWRT) and I know it is accessible and therefore must be on the wifi (the SSID is correct in the app for it).
It is also visible in the arp table with the correct MAC and IP that I would expect.

Is there anything that would hide it, that anyone knows of please?


Devices like that spend most of their time disconnected and sleeping to save the battery. In the log you should see it connect when it has something to send.


Doesnt Ring who owned by Amazon just launch wifi sharing with your neighbours

Ok, I can see how that makes sense.
It is battery powered rather than mains.

I think that is just in the US at the moment isn't it?

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