Device list links on unsupported hardware page doesn't work

On, all the Device list links under WLAN hardware leads me to a page that says
Permission Denied
Sorry, you don't have enough rights to continue.

Example URL:[WLAN+Hardware*~]=BCM4306

Does the same happen when you are logged in?

It happens when I am logged in. When I'm not I get a page with the same text and a log in form.

Please log in and try again. Should be working now.

Yes, it works now. Shouldn't it be possible to see these lists without being logged in, though?

In principle, yes. Restricting access to logged in users is a temporary measurement to keep misbehaving searchengine bots (not respecting robots.txt) out.
I can check during the next days if we can lift this restriction again.

Checked the logs and the misbehaving bot is effectively kept out by other means than robots.txt. I therefore lifted the restrictions, i.e. the page is accessible again without login.