Device hang on running

Hi all,

We are using OpenWrt in my device with Acsip AI7688H, to implement an IOT device. We have many running boards already. Out of that some devices getting hang in running. I copied log from one device. I attached it here. Can any one help me to find any clues out of that?

no, you didn't ... :wink:

also, it doesn't appear to be a supported device -, ask your vendor.

Sorry, in frank, actually I was struggling to upload log as it is big text. I am putting google drive link here.
Thank you Frollic for quick reply.Hang_device_log

I guess you skipped the 2nd part of my reply ... ?

It seems to hang on whatever USB GSM device you attached. Remove it, upgrade to something modern (really?? Kernel 3.18 when we are running test version 5.15 now on the MT76x8)

yeah, at 5.1x we can probably be of assistance ...