Device for wireless bridge


at the moment i am confused about what device i should buy.

i want a setup as described here:

2,4 GHz WLan is spanned by the router of my ISP.
The OpenWRT device should connect as client to this WLAN.
Ethernet devices should be plugged into the ports of the OpenWRT device
Devices both in the WLAN and the wired network should "see" each other

The article linked above stated there are "hardware/SOC limitations"
How can i filter the OpenWRT hardware database to show which devices
support this configuration?

WDS seems to accomplish the same target, i am not sure if it will work
if one of the devices doesn't run OpenWRT?

Please ask if i forgot to provide necessary information


WDS/ 4addr is only possible if both devices involved use a mainline driver based on mac80211/ nl80211, this effectively means that both devices would need to run OpenWrt. If this isn't the case, you can't use WDS/ 4addr, but only have crutches like relayd or routed client at your disposal.