Device for 200/60 fiber connection + SQM CAKE


I'm looking for two answers:

  • Orange Pi R1 Plus (RK3328 1.5ghz, Dual LAN, RTL8211e, RTL8153b) can handle 200 / 60mb of bandwidth using SQM Cake?
  • I have a router (HUAWEI HG8245Q2) that is in Router mode and I can't change it due to my ISP firmware customization. Will SQM Cake will work if I pass all traffic through the Orange Pi R1 Plus?

Thanks! :smiley:

Did you consider the NanoPi R4S with RK3399.

im considering now, thanks for the tip :smiley:

I would say NanoPi R2S (similar to opi R1+) should handle 200/60 mbps with SQM

anyone knows how to handle this situation? idk if the router will mess around with the packets order/priority.

As long as you don't have other devices connected to HG8245Q2 the Openwrt router should handle SQM for devices behind it