Developing with Visual Studio 2017 (cross-platform Linux)

Just to clarify from the very beginning there is a reason for using VS for developing. I need to create an abstraction layer which will be used on Win32 and OpenWRT platforms with certain platform specific implementations of course.
I tested the idea with Ubuntu running in Hyper-v VM. It proved the concept. Everything works decently. When I try to use OpenWRT in Hyper-v VM instead I'm having a problem with VS synchronizing includes between VS and OpenWRT. This is the exact description of my problem Somehow VS cannot use rsync on OpenWRT.
The question is there anybody found a workaround for this problem? I see there is a promise from Microsoft to fix the problem but it is still open for a few months at least and I need to move forward. If there is no workaround what do you think, how difficult it will be to adapt the code to OpenWRT if I use Ubuntu VM for development in the beginning? How can I configure Ubuntu to be as close as possible to OpenWRT from the development perspective (Linux core and other related SDKs/packages)? I don't know much about Linux, so I don't know how to put the question right, is it just includes in certain directory I have to worry about plus includes of the packages I'm going to use?

There will be a ton of differences between Ubuntu and OpenWRT, I don't think it would be a good idea to try to test whatever it is you are building on Ubuntu.

Ideally you'd run OpenWRT in a VM. I see you're using Hyper-V, but maybe something like this exists for Hyper-V. A quick search brought up a few answers like this.

I have no problems running OpenWRT in Hyper-v VM. It works as well. The problem is using OpenWRT Hyper-v VM for building apps with Visual Studio 2017. It works with Ubuntu Hyper-v VM but not with OpenWRT Hyper-v VM.

If I understand you correctly, you're trying to build software on an OpenWrt VM. I've only heard of one person successfully compiling anything on OpenWrt:


What I am looking for is to use visual studio to build OpenWrt and debug it. Have you seen any options for that in the meantime?

looks promising