Developing a router from scratch. Any normal chipset which is not Qualcomm, Broadcomm, or MediaTek?

Hello everybody,

I believe everybody can name at least some WiSoC from the *comm companies, and MediaTek. The quest I'm dealing with is developing something reasonably fast, and modern, with good supply chain security, but not dealing with the WiSoC duopoly, because it's the condition of one very large Indian ISP, which already got bad blood with both.

I've been calling MaxLinear for a few months already. Their sales seem to have just gotten an order to ignore me.

OnSemi, NXP - same, no callback from sales.

Welcome to the silicon vendor Mafia. None of them will move a finger before you do not put money on the table and by money I mean them millions...

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There is NXP aka Marvell. You may be able to buy a development board. I am not endorsing NXP just offering ideas.