Develop own release of OpenWrt

Let's say I want to use buildroot to build my own version of OpenWrt. I would also want to publish my own Packages which I give in distfeeds.conf.
What do I need to do in order to build all packages so they can be fetched by opkg?
What if one day I want to build a new release - a new version of my release. What needs to be done to differentiate version when it comes to packages?

You'll need buildbot to be able to robustly build every package. You'll need to change all the metadata in, for example, the base-files package for a different release and different support URLs. There's probably more that I've missed. The packages are versioned independently from the OS itself.


Oh wow, that hint with buildbot is great. I didn't even know this software existed. I'll give it a try.

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What if I wanted to build only for a small selection of devices / platforms?
Currently I'm actually only interested in x86_64.
Is there maybe another way than to use buildbot? It seems a bit over the top for what I'm trying to do.
All I want is to build images and all the packages in this case for x86.
Then I publish the images and packages on a webserver and give my image the information where to search for packages, which is on my webserver.
Does that sound reasonable?

Within the terms and conditions of the various licenses, you are able to do that.

Building a reasonably complete package repo pretty much requires the two-stage buildbot approach.