Develop and build LUCI


I want to do some customization with LUCI. I have looked through the wiki for developers, but couldn't find any guide to build and install the code to the system:

Also in the README section of the LUCI repo, I all so see this guide:

But then I'm not able to run this command or find any ./script directory

I'm new to this sphere and the community as well.
Greetings and thanks in advance for any support!

You need to clone the main OpenWrt source repo. Then you can download the LuCI repo as a feed ( like above).

LuCI is handled like any normal OpenWrt package.
(It is actually several packages)


Thank you @hnyman,

Can I ask how you develop, build and install new version of LUCI into the device?
Since the openwrt repo is almost 300Mb, is there a process to build in the host and import it to the

Thanks a lot

You might read the wiki...


Thanks a lot @hnyman,

I know how to build the packages and import them now!

I have found that this command './scripts/feeds install -a -p luci' will sync any changes from the this 'package/feeds/luci' to the 'feeds/luci' directory where the cloned repository is.
How do I do the reverse?


What reverse?
Upload your changes to the global repo? You have no rights for that. If you want to publish your changes and get them included to the official LuCI, you would need to fork the LuCI github repo and implement your changes to the local copy of that fork and then author a "Pull Request" in Github, so that your code gets evaluated and possibly included into LuCI.


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