/dev/disk is missing in my device

Need the softlinks to the device nodes to be populated in the /dev/disk folders
as below
$ ls /dev/disk/
by-id by-label by-partlabel by-partuuid by-path by-uuid
Not sure if i missed any thing in the menuconfig

I could see the ssd partitions listed using the blkid command
root@OpenWrt:~# blkid

Those are usually populated by udev, but OpenWrt doesn't use udev - and blockd doesn't need them either.

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In case if we need them , is it possible to get udev enabled ?

The short answer is, no.

The long answer is, the source is at your fingertips - you can do whatever you manage to do.


Ok , what is purpose of these softlinks in other distributions , why it is not required in Openwrt , is it available in some other form ?


Because it doesn't need it ?

As @slh already pointed out, you can write it yourself...


You can easily develop your own hotplug scripts to create/remove the links:

I have done this in the past, to create stable names for USB devices.