Determining best way to connect AP node

Hi, first of all thanks for the great work. I have been using a Nexx travel router for years now and following the forum.
I finally decided to get rid of my provider's router at home and an old Unifi AC LR access point in favour of the cheap Zyxel Multy M1 APs.
The reason behind having the Unifi AP is the fact that the provider's router is confined in a cupboard.
The Unifi AP has cabled gigabit uplink.
I also have Tenda powerlines to provide cabled connectivity in the first floor of the house.
I am wondering if I could simplify my network by enabling one of the nodes to provide mesh and place another node upstairs in the same mesh and remove the power lines.
Or should be better to setup a repeater instead or even keep using the power lines?
Would the third node, without mesh but with gigabit uplink still work without issues?
I am unsure if all my devices support fast roaming (802.11r) but I was wondering if that be set up on the network radios that also participate on the mesh? I couldn't find a clear answer to that after spending few hours reading the various guides.
I am new to mesh and roaming, so apologies if any of the my current understanding is wrong.
Thank you in advance.

if you already have Ethernet cabling just use that
so much better just setup as access points
all using the same credentials and differing channels
and you will roam between them
if you are using voip and walking around you can
look at 802.11r but lots of devices don't support it anyway

Thanks, I am not sure I like the speed of my power lines and I always wondered if I could do better over wireless. That along with some power saving is the reason of raising the question :slight_smile:

oh Ethernet over power not power over Ethernet
any way radio sucks & consider it's 1/2 of the worst single strength
a little less for duel radios very bad for gaming
some times have to try it see how bad it is :slight_smile:

I guess I will experiment and see what's best :slight_smile: Thanks for replying!