Design and build network IOT and media

Good morning
I need help to design and build my home network
What I have : a Cisco router and Linksys1900AC
Clients category : IOT (including Philips HUE bridge via Ethernet )
Media like Tv, AppleTv, PS4, etc
Computers, laptops and phones
I would like to have a IOT WiFi plus one Ethernet port in the same IOT Vlan , with strict firewall rules ( including Philips hue that right now I got problem to be reached from Internet or from my other phone vlan/network)

So from start how should I configure linksys1900ac and Cisco router ? Create everything like vlans and firewalls on Cisco then transport to Linksys? Or create some part of the network in Linksys for those WiFi and some Ethernet ports ?

  1. WiFi IOT+ one Ethernet port for Hue
  2. WiFi Guests
  3. WiFi Business
  4. WiFi Recreative
  5. LAN for AppleTv, PS4, Tv, Receiver
    6.Mac with DAS storage (plex media and other)

End what if I want to upgrade to WiFi 6 for example , and maybe not buying WiFi routers just WiFi AP ? I think is more convenient to build WiFi using just AP’s

Why do you plan to use two routers? And what's the model of the Cisco?

It doesn't matter, really. But dedicated APs are often enterprise-grade and therefore expensive. You could probably get an all-in-one router with relatively modest CPU and RAM (to keep the cost down) but good WFi coverage, and use it as an AP.

I got Cisco rv345p and my intention is to use this one as only router, ofc the linksys will be just for WiFi and some local ports to connect tv , etc