Description of installation files

I'm looking for a description of the six files listed here:

I'm not sure which should be used when

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WOW...that's actually a VERY GOOD QUESTION.


  • Combined includes the full kernel and OS, the "EXT4" and "SQUASHFS" part should be obvious

    • EXT4 File System
    • SQUASHFS File System
  • The other rootfs would be used properly in combination with vmlinuz

    • EXT4 File System image and vmlinuz
    • SQUASHFS File System image vmlinuz
    • Generic files and vmlinuz

This post answers your questions very well.


Can either of you gentlemen help @tmomas and incorporate this into current wiki?

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I don't have editing privileges on this page.

Just rechecked: Everybody who is logged in can edit this page.

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