Deploy WPA2 enterprise network using 802.1x

hi, i have linksys 3200acm (openwrt) and i wanted to setup wpa2 enterprise network using openwrt. i am bit new to this and what I want to do is to connect to a WPA2-Enterprise (WPA2 - 802.1X eap-TLS , freeradious) using my username and password for the users can please someone help me from the beginning.
thank you

you want your router to be a client, correct?

first of all you will want to install the package wpad which has the full version of the associated functionality. once you've done that I think you can set up the client functions from Luci (the web interface)

i tried that didn't work so here are the few other steps i followed ;
steps 1 : connect the openwrt router to my virgin media rotuer via wire so that i can access the internet.
steps 2: tried installing wpad package to install that didn't work.
steps 3: tried installing the package by using putty(ssh) still didn't work.
steps 4: tried installing the freeradious from the luci interface and putty that didn't work too.
if anyone can help me with the steps that will be great

What was the output from installing wpad? Where are you going to run your radius server?

are you trying to connect your router to someone elses network that already exists? Or are you trying to create your own network that uses WPA2 enterprise?

You only need a radius server if you are creating your own network. If you're connecting as a client, then the network already has a radius server.

as i install Wpad into my router (Linksys) and scan my wifi and once i join/ edit i should see WPA2 enterprise as in Encryption right? which is i don't see and kind of lost from that point.

the first ideas was to use my own wifi to my router but it didn't work so what i did was setup my ISP router as a mordem and pass all the traffic towords my Linksys router.
yes i am trying to use WPA2 enterprirse network in my house using RADIOUS server and 802.1x authenticator