Dell Wyse 3040 would be good for OpenWrt?

Like I said, prices don't last forever.

Yes, well, but you said, regarding my suggestion of the Wyse 5070:

The Cyberoam for $25 or Trustwave for $40, using Atom 3k series CPUs are smarter buys.

At current prices, at least the Cyberoam doesn't seem to be.

Geez, buy the TS25 then.
1st world problem.

I apologize - it's easy to get carried away by nitpicking in these discussions. I just tend to get frustrated by online hardware discussions where people go around talking about some hardware that's a great value, and it turns out that it's not currently available for anything close to the stated price, either because prices have increased considerably or because their score was a lucky find or the product of a lot of time spent combing online sources.

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