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Thanks - that saves a bunch of time :slight_smile:

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Also asked (and answered) in Tp link deco XE75 support request, search is a cool feature :wink:


Where in that linked post does it say anything about Broadcom?

I took quite some time gathering all the data I could on the board.

Why the snide remark?

because people never use the search feature, and create new threads asking questions already answered.

I did use the search feature and found that post.

That post lazily asks if anyone can add support. The response said nothing about Broadcom, and nothing about it not being possible for that reason.

I made some effort to find out and list all the relevant details. I’m not expecting anyone to just do it for me, without a jot of information.

Someone else here has done exactly what I wanted, and let me know that yes, there is a major blocker.

I was happy with that, said thanks, and marked it as the solution.

But then you just had to have a pointless and unfair little dig. I did use the search feature; clearly you’re just hoping people don’t so you can have a whinge.

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The last post of the linked thread literally ends with the two lines, that Frollic posted...
Admittedly, it was in small print, which I also sometimes fail to register pre-coffee without my glasses.

I would not consider his reply "snide", merely a friendly reminder to more attentively research a topic/product before buying/posting.

Around here the "Broadcom curse" has been known/documented for more than a decade.

Please don't consider this "Some other guy piling on"; I also have a bought my share of dead-end devices, and can understand your situation. Better luck with your next HW purchase, the other sub-forum has some nice recommendations.


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